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Ryerson University
PHL 302
Meredith Schwartz

Introduction The Principlist Approach Thought Experiments the streetcar casePhilosophy is a rational activity that identifies beliefs clarifies concepts and makes judgments about whether beliefs should be held and whether the concepts make sense In the case of philosophy it is rational augmentation rather than empirical verification that counts The laboratory of the philosopher is the domain of ideas the mind where imaginative thought experiments take place the study where ideas are written down and examined and where conversation or debate about the perennial questions takes place where thesis and counterexample and counter thesis are consideredEthics is a branch of philosophy that considers ideas about humans should treat one another and how societies should be organizedSocrates statedWhat we are taking about is how one should liveTheoretical ethics asks questions about how we ought to act what our responsibilities are to other people what sort of persons we should try to become and the arguments that can be given in support of any of the claims about these things are made Bioethics is a branch of ethics that applies these theoretical considerations to specific issues that arise in connection with the body with the practiced medicine and with technological developments that have implications for human beings and how we live The issues considered by bioethics range from reproductive technologies to euthanasia from the obligations health care professionals have to patients to the responsibilities patients have their own choices and from the limitations of our bodies to the possibility of overcoming these limitations from technology Ethical dilemma occurs whenever we must make a decision and none of the possible courses of action open us to entirely satisfactory because each violates a value we think important The purpose of ethical theory is to help us think clearly about what is at issue and to make rational decision a decision that has the best arguments in its favo
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