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PHL 302
Meredith Schwartz

Week 8 REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIESDecember0311121 PMThe Rise of Reproductive TechnologiesIn vitro fertilization a woman is given drugs which allow her ova to ripen The ova are then extracted and fertilized outside the body One or more of the resulting embryos are transferred back into the bodyCytoplasmic donation a procedure that takes cytoplasm from a donor eggand injects it into the egg of an infertile woman to increase the chances of successful implantation and normal embryo developmentIntraplasmic sperm injection a technique that injects a single sperm into an egg primarily a treatment for male infertilityPartial zona dissection involves drilling holes in the membrane of an ovum so sperm can penetrate itThe Procreative Liberty Argument and the Harm PrincipleA common response to the moral issues presented by assisted reproductive technologies is to argue that reproductive decisions are an expression of personal autonomyProponents of this approach to assisted reproductive practice argue that any moral concerns we might raise must be justified on the basis of the Harm Principle which holds that we are only justified in interfering with the choices of persons when those choices are clearly harmful to othersThere is more harm in restricting autonomy than in the possible harms that RTs can potentially invokeProponents of procreative liberty state that the harms of RTs cannot be proven becauseAny ascriptions of harm rely on perfectionist accounts of the good accounts that claim that there is a proper way to live and that any deviations from this view are morally problematicAscriptions of
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