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Canada & Terror Article Readings Notes

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Ryerson University
PHL 306
Thomas Hart

Canada and Terror y Since 911 fighting terrorism efficiently without sacrificing individual freedoms has fuelled the political debate among the Western democracies y Following the attacks of 911 the Liberals passed Bill C36 Canadian AntiTerrorism Act y In early 2003 Canada abstained from backing the United States unilateral decision to invade Iraq casting much doubt certainly in Washington on Canadas commitment to the global war against terrorism y 2 clauses 1 allowed the police to alleged terrorists without a warrant and detain them for up to 3 days without charge to prevent the carrying out of terrorist activities whereas the other allowed a judge to consider whether it was appropriate to compel a detainee to testify in secret about pending terrorist acts or past associations and commit a person to prison for a term not exceeding a year should heshe refuse y The Liberal majority rejected the oppositions proposed amendments and passed a motion to cut off debate y The Trudeau govt had insisted peacekeeping missions would be considered only if the prospect of success was deemed realistic y At first the Canadian military increasingly viewed peacekeeping missions as a major hindrance sucking up trained personnel when manpower was already scarce as the role of an army was to prepare actively for a potential way against the Soviet Union in Europe not to help preserve peace in dis
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