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PHL 366
Mark Clamen

th Phl 366 november 20 What about love? You love the person, not how they are. Ex: you love someones laugh because you love them, you dont love them because you love their smile. Love is responsibility of an I for a You: in this consists what cannot consist in any feeling- the equality of all lovers, from the smallest to the greatest...(66) One cannot love an object even if it is beneficial for them. True love is not blind, and blindness is partial. Love as the responsibility for an i for a you, is full seeing. Seeing all and as a result, seeing nothing. This form on love can never become hate, because by his definition, hate is seeing partially. “yet whoever hates directly is closer to a relation than those who are without love and hate” (p.68) Its better to hate than to not feel anything. Even when someone pisses you off on a bus, for example, you are still acknowledging them and their being. They are no longer a prop on the bus filling space, but you now acknowledge them. “Genuine contemplation never lasts long; the natural being that one now revealed itself to me in the mystery of reciprocity has again become describable, analyzable, classifiable...”(68) Every you in the world is doomed by its nature to become a thing or at least to
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