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19 Mar 2012
Chapter 1 identifying arguments
1.1 Arguments
- An argument is an attempt to justify or prove a conclusion.
1.2 Indicator words
- Conclusions: thus, therefore, hence, so, it follows that, shows that, indicates that, proves that, then.
- Premises: for, since, because, for the reason that, on the grounds that, follows from.
1.3 Single propositions
- Every simple proposition must:
- Express a complete thought.
- Express only one complete thought.
- Be able to be either true or false.
1.4 Arguments and Explanations
- Gives you reasons why you believe something is true.
- Tell you how things are done.
- Gives you reasons why something is true.
- Tell you why things are as they are.
1.5 Principal of charity
- You use the principle of charity when you interpret a passage so that it makes the most sense.
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