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Textbook Notes for PLN 103 at Ryerson University

RYERSONPLN 103Nick BellissimoFall

PLN 103 Chapter Notes - Chapter 24: Parotid Gland, Electromagnetic Absorption By Water, Pancreatic Lipase Family

OC60783714 Page
Major organs: oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestines, large intestines. Abdominopelvic > peritoneal cavity> lined with serous membr
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RYERSONPLN 103Nick Bellissimo

PLN 103 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Loose Connective Tissue, Dermis, Subcutaneous Tissue

OC11655355 Page
Itchy, scaly patches of skin around belt line, anterior knees, posterior of elbows the patches are raises, red, and scaly with silvery plaques. Integum
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