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Politics and Public Administration
POG 100
Joerg Wittenbrinck

Life and Debt Movie - International Monetary Fund is the fault of why everything is so cheap and currency value is low in Jamaica - Once ruled by a queen, Jamaica wanted to distance themselves from the rule of other countries and form its own nation-state but instead had modern fast food firms built on their land thus deteriorating their culture - once they were free from Britain, they went into financial debt because their economies weren’t built and ready to rule over a country alone so they went to the IMF to loan money - IMF said that they have to lessen the value of their currency and broaden their exports but this is a problem because Jamaica is dependent on imports for medicine, education, etc and they also wanted to cut down on education and health programs to save some money - Jamaica depends on food imports from America because it is cheaper for them to buy food instead of grow it themselves and the imported foods are cheaper to buy than locally grown food - Globalization has decreased cultural independence from America in Jamaica because the IMF has complete
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