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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

POL128 Chapter 1: Politics and Conflicts 4 Main Reasons for Conflicts in Politics • People have diff interests - It may benefit or harm • People embrace diff values - People seek to achieve • People have diff identities - Identify with one or more particular group • People struggle for power in the political arena - Compete to gain and maintain their position Politics – activity related to influencing, making or implementing collective decisions for a political community Power – Ability to achieve an objective by influencing the behaviour of others, particularly to get them to do what they would not have otherwise done - Its often viewed negatively b/c of its association with domination 3 forms of power 1. Coercion – fear or threats 2. Induments – bribe or rewards 3. Persuasions – persuade other people to think in your way Free Rider Problem – a problem with voluntary collective action that results b/c an individual can enjoy the benefits of group action w/o contributing Distribution Power – unequally distributed in society 3 faces of power First Face – ability to affect decisions Second Face – ability to ensure the issues are not raised Third Face – ability to affect the dominate ideas of society People Power Political Agenda – issues that are considered important and given priority in political deliberations Concentration of Power Pluralist Perspective – freedom of individuals to establish and join groups that are not controlled by the gov’t results in a wide variety of groups having an ability to influence the decisions of gov’t with no group dominant Elitist Perspective – view that power in all communities is concentrated in a small number of hands, particularly in the elites that hold the top positions in the major institutions of economy, soc
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