PSY 105 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

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: the smallest unit of sound that is recognizable as speech rather than as random noise. (15 to 85 depending on language; english. Some languages do not have certain sounds, which is why they are difficult to learn in a new language. e. g. th in english vs. french, r in english vs. japanese: morphemes. : the smallest meaningful units of language. e. g. , cat, fly, fly-ing (2 morphemes: grammar: A set of rules that specifies how units of language are organized: morphology: how words are formed. Syntax: how words are combined into sentences such as order of words- subject, verb, complement. John hit bill. vs. bill was hit by john. Language learning is doubtless the greatest intellectual feat anyone of us is ever required to perform. Bloomfield, 1933: noam chomsky: innate mechanisms to learn language (nativist theory) Language acquisition device: we have process to faciliatate language www. notesolution. com. Explain language development through nativist theory and behaviourist explanation.