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Chapter 1

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PSY 102
Niusha Ghazban

CPSY 102 Introduction to Psychology IDr Niusha Ghazban All comments in read are additions to the slides posted on BlackBoardPersonal IntroductionPhD Degree Ryerson UniversityMaster of Arts MA in Ryerson UniversityBachelor of Science BSc in Psychology at McMaster University Primary research interests in Developmental PsychologyInfants cognitive development and problemsolving skillsStress and Emotion regulation in infants Examining maternal interventionsChronic pain management in adults and children Text and Course InformationBlackboard site at myryersoncaAnnouncements Course outline helpful links more as we go Assignment details coming soon Grades Rudimentary lecture notesEnough there for you to avoid taking dictation in class but we will go into more detail get into discussions and look at examples not in your notesAvailable on the Monday before classMore on notes and studying in a momentThree Exams multiplechoice questions thExam 1 May 27 thExam 2 June 10 Missed Exams see course outlineIf you do not provide notice before the exam you must do so within 24 hours of the missed exam Must provide legitimate documentation within 3 working days of the missed deadline to your program officeTwo assignments Late assignments will be penalized 10 out of the maximum 100 for each day it is late see course outlineResearch Participation worth 3Engage with the psychological research community at Ryerson By participating you will gain a better understanding of how research is conducted and the kinds of things psychologists are interested in doing
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