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Chapter 5

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Ryerson University
PSY 102
Niusha Ghazban

Chapter 5 ConsciousnessOverviewBiology of Sleep and Dreaming Sleeping DisordersPsychoactive DrugsOur textbook describes it as our subjective experience of the world our bodies and our mental perspectives dont have to be one or the other can be in betweenDont confuse it with conscience which refers to peoples sense of morality ethics personal standards regret etcMostly discussed in psychology in terms of its altered stateswhen were not as aware or as in control compared to normal wakefulnessNot an all or none principle1Sleep and Dreaming Biological Rhythms in GeneralPhysical cycles such as hibernation and migration for some nonhuman animals but sleep is the most studied biological rhythm for humans two factors temperature and alertnessSleepwakefulness works on a circadian around a day rhythm 24 hoursOther biological activities also follow 24hour cycle eg body temperature blood pressure hormone levelsEx Body temperature 361C between 400500AM lowest point 37C400800PM highest pointoOur body temperature drops at night it is the lowest when we sleep Ex Alertness decreases between 200AM500PM and 200AM 700AMUltradian rhythmoccur several timesday Ex blood sugar levels because you eat several times a day or urinationInfradian rhythm exceed the 24hour pattern Ex womens menstrual cycle28 daysBiological rhythms are influenced byFactors in the environment particularly the light Brain structures commonly called biological clock1Light stimulates photoreceptors2When they become simulated they travel down the optic nerve3One place they get relayed to is the Suprachiasmic Nucleus SCN located in hypothalamus 4Pineal Gland 5Pineal Gland then produces the hormone Melatonin only produced when there is no light
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