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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Week 2

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PSY 105
Tsasha Awong

Week Two Chapter 2: The Methods of Psychology Empiricism : Hindsight bias: Or why does something seem easier to explain than predict? Hindsight is 2020. Science and its theories must allow us to predict: Karl Popper & the falsification of theories Science can help us to think more critically: Empiricism vs. dogmatism Humans Are Difficult to Study : They are complex They vary depending on who we are studying and the variables of the situation They are very reactive. Scientific Process : How do psychologists ask questions & get answers? 1.THEORIES: A hypothetical account of how & why a phenomenon occurs. Based on the concerns of a given research & hisher perspective on psychology. 2. HYPOTHESES: Testable predictions made by a theory. 3. OBSERVATIONS: Selecting participants, measuring, analyzing data, etc...) 4. IMPROVE THE THEORY and start again! What Is A Good Theory? The scientific method helps transform ideas into testable questions and can generate helpful answers: Systematic study of a phenomenon to learn about it. e.g., Theory of the diffusion of responsibility General Approach to Research : Theoretical Context www.notesolution.com
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