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Chapter 7

Week 7 Chapter 7

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PSY 105
Tsasha Awong

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Chapter 7 What is Language? A system for communicating with others using signals that convey meaning and are combined using the rules of grammar. Comprised of phonemes forming morphemes, which form words that are organized into phrases & sentences by grammar. Language Organization : Phonemes : The smallest unit of sound that is recognizable as speech rather than as random noise. (15 to 85 depending on language; English 40, French 37;) k-at (cat), f-u-d (food) Some languages do not have certain sounds, which is why they are difficult to learn in a new language. e.g. th in English vs. French, r in English vs. Japanese Morphemes : The smallest meaningful units of language. e.g., cat, fly, fly-ing (2 morphemes) Grammar: A set of rules that specifies how units of language are organized Morphology: how words are formed Syntax: how words are combined into sentences such as order of words- subject, verb, complement Surface structure vs. deep structure John hit Bill. vs. Bill was hit by John. John thinks he passed the exam. vs. He thinks John passed the exam. Language: Innate or Learned? Language learning is doubtless the greatest intellectual feat anyone of us is ever required to perform. Bloomfield, 1933 Noam Chomsky: Innate mechanisms to learn language (nativist theory) Language acquisition device: We have process to faciliatate language www.notesolution.com
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