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PSY 215
Jennifer Sladek

DSM – 5 Pro Con The word “Addiction” - the D.S.M.’s changes -Addiction label. Peele accurately reflect our evolving understanding of what it means to be an addict, Markel -The actual addiction is more important that the substance a person is addicted to. Markel Money - Will decrease social spending - Cash grab for rehabs and new later on because there will be pharmaceutical treatments. Peele less emergency room visits, -Will cost more now, as there will be Urbina an increase in diagnoses for - Will be more production in the depression, Urbina working force as people will be -Government will have to build and accessing help easier, Urbina create more support surrounding mental health and addiction, Urbina -Health sectors might not have enough money in their fiscal budgets, Urbina Health insurance -Will allow more people to -Because more people will be access help, Urbina diagnosed with an addiction, there -Insurance companies may be will be a new strain on health more inclusive of addictions insurers and taxpayer. Peele when providing life insurance, -Will cost the insurance company a Urbina lot more money, Urbina -May make insurance claims -May become backlogged and not more inclusive, Urbina able to give people their claims in -May decrease the stigma of time, Urbina declaring an addiction, Urbina -May make claims harder to attain -Staff may become more when seeking help, Urbina understanding of addictions and -Insurance workers may be more different forms of help, Urbina judgemental towards people who May be a push for more are diagnosed with an addiction, affordable help, Urbina Urbina Changes in criteria -More people receive help, -Label more people and will require Peele treatment, Peele - help substance problems be - Have proved unsettling to many in “nipped in the bud” before the treatment community. Juman becoming a serious addiction, - Biological diagnostic data, Juman Szalavitz - Expansion of number of addiction -- The new criteria will allow diagnoses, Juman clinicians to intervene at an - “False epidemics”, Juman earlier stage in the addiction - Medicalization of behaviour cycle, when relatively brief and - Is a “craving or urge” diagnostically inexpensive treatments can legitimate? Juman prevent more serious problems - To include excessive or from escalating. Juman maladaptive patterns of gambling, - Psycho-education, sex, internet use, eating and other psychotherapy and group activities just because they can support should be available for cause diminishment and distortions people who seek treatment of experience in a way that mirrors early on. Who would argue that substance use disorder, Juman it’s better to wait until the substance use escalates before - A substance is not a prerequisite treatment can be initiated? Juman for an addictive disorder. Juman - How do you capture, in a few - Earlier intervention and pages, illnesses and patterns of treatment. In the long run, suffering that manifest uniquely in these are benefits that will every new patient? Consider also prove not only lifesaving but cost-effective. Who can argue that many patients have more than one psychiatric illness and that with that? Juman diagnosis depends, to a certain extent, upon the patient’s own ability to articulate their inner experience. Juman - Individuals receiving diagnosis without an serious negative impact “Mild Alcohol Use Disorders”. Juman Prescriptions More therapy and support Harmful, overly prescribe to people. based. Markel Money grab for drug companies, Peele Categories Ultimate categories and criteria it formulates is that these reify the shifting social and historical process of defining addiction into an immutable biological one. Peele Craving drug-using cues and memories Subjective and hard to identify and continue to elicit cravings even measure, Peele in addicts who have abstained More people who are diagnosed for years, Markel with craving, the more craving drugs they will have to buy. Peele Less symptoms for -Harder to hide addictions in the -Over diagnosis a possible outcome, diagnosis earlier stages, Urbina Urbina -Will allow for a more -What is the threshold between normalization of the idea of acceptable and addiction? Urbina addictions (if more people are -May be an increase of hidden diagnosed as having an addiction as more people will resist addiction then more people can the label, Urbina collaborate and support each -Forces a label on more people, other), Urbina Urbina -The idea of addictions as being -Makes for a larger discrepancy severe will be challenged, between addicts, thus supports Urbina might not be sufficient as they are -More people to collaborate and trying to work with too large of a stand up for their rights, Urbina cliental base, Urbina -May create more isolation for ‘severe’ addicts as they may be made invisible by ‘less severe’ addicts, Urbina Dual diagnosis -Will make help for dual -Creation of new facilities and better increased diagnoses more accessible, trained staff will take time and Urbina money, Urbina -Will increase awareness -May not be sufficient support for a surrounding depression and long time, Urbina addiction, anxiety and addiction, -Stigma will be increased by two etc, Urbina labels being superimposed, Urbina -New facilities will have to be -Range of dual diagnoses will be put in place to address dual larger thus it will be hard to find diagnoses and professional
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