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Theories of Human Development

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Sohail Rashid

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Chapter 2January3110916 PMTheories of Human DevelopmentThe Nature of Scientific TheoriesWhat are the characteristics of a good theoryIt should be concise or parsimonous and yet be able to explain a broad range of phenomenaGood theories are falsifiablecapable of making explicit predictions about future events so that the theory can be supported or disconfirmedMust be heuristicthey can build on existing knowledge by continuing to stimulate new research and discoveriesThe Psychoanalytic ViewpointFreud dream analysis stages of psychosocial development psychosexual stages of developmentPsychodynamic theoriesconsist of psychoanalysisFreuds psychosexual theorystates that maturation of the sex instinct underlies stages of personality development and that the manner in which parents manage childrens instinctual impulses determines the traits that children displayPsychoanalysistheory and therapy developed by FreudThree components of personalityId primitive inborn component of personality that is driven by instinctsEgo rational component of personality finding rational solutions to problemsSuperego consists of ones internalized moral standards the seat of conscienceID unconsciousI want it and I want it now EGO is aware of what you should do Ex ID wants to smoke in class Ego is aware that you cannot in class and should wait until break to go outside Superego is saying QUITFreuds psychosexual stages of development libido life energyas you develop you follow erogenous zones At any one of the stages you may have a fixation either over or undergratifiedst1stageOral birth1 has to do with the mouth such as talking being a professor ID gets what you wantnd2stageAnal 13Ego reality has to control instinctscannot shit where ever you want Holding back controlling things Retentiveholding in Expulsiveletting go First conflict between child and parentsrd3stage Phallic 36 Superego Pleasure derived from genital stimulation Children develop an incestuous desire for the oppositesex parent Five year olds usually want to marry their mothers boys Anxiety from this situation causes the child to internalize the sexrole characteristics and morals of the SAMESEX parent aka the rivalth4Stage Latency611Just cruising urges channeled into school and playth5Stage Genital12Start habits start dating Puberty triggers sexual reawakening and adolescents learn to express urges in socially acceptable waysEriksons Theory of Psychosocial DevelopmentErikson Neofreudian used to be a FreudianPsychosocial stages same stages include Freuds but have more depth Revision of Freuds theory emphasizes sociocultural rather than sexual determinants of development Oral trust vs mistrust want attention to be fed played withAnal autonomy vs shame doubtwalk talk potty train Phallic initiative vs guiltwhyLatency industry vs inferiorityhowGenitali Identity vs Role confusion 1220 who am Iii Intimacy vs Isolation 2040who do I loveiii Generativity vs Stagnation 4065influencing younger generation more than meiv Ego integrity vs Despair 65 looking back on ones life what have I doneAdlerCame up with individual psychology Child Psychology Page 1
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