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Research Methods

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Ryerson University
PSY 302
Sohail Rashid

Chapter 6March1410641 PMEarly Controversies about Sensory and Perceptual DevelopmentPerception is the interpretation of sensory inputEnrichment Vs DifferentiationBoth theories argue that there is an objective reality out there to which we respondEnrichment Theory claims that sensory stimulation is often fragmented or confusingTo interpret such ambiguous input we use our available cognitive schemes to add or enrich itCognition enrichessensory experience Our knowledge helps us construct meaning from sensory stimulation we receiveGibsons differentiation theory argues that sensory stimulation provides all we need to interpret our experiencesOur task as fledging perceivers is todetectthe differentiating information ordistinctive featuresthat enable us to discriminate one form of experience from anotherResearch Methods Used to Study the Infants Sensory and Perceptual ExperiencesThe preference method is a procedure where two objects are simultaneously introduced into the infants visual field and the researchers observe which object the infant pays attention toIf the infant looked more at one target than at the other it was assumed the infant preferred that patternThe habituation method involves observing the decrease in ones response to a stimulus that has become familiar through repetition When the infants stop responding to the stimuli it is assumed that the infant has seen it beforeTests an infants ability to discriminate two stimuli that differ in some wayCan be t
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