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PSY 302
Sohail Rashid

Chapter 11March18101148 PMDisplaying Emotions The Development and Control of Emotional ExpressionsStudies have shown parents are able to tell positive emotion ie Interest excitement better than negative ones ie Anger fearMost expressions become more recognizable with ageBy age 3 children begin to learn emotional display rulesChildren in North America learned to express joy and mask disappointment when receiving a gift from their grandmotherAt age 8 the child is unable to mask the disappointmentBy age 12 or 13 the child is able to mask disappointmentRecognizing and Interpreting EmotionsChildren use social referencingassessing others emotions and behaving accordinglyEmpathy the ability to experience the emotions of another Temperament and DevelopmentTemperament is a persons unique way of reacting to situationsNature and nurture contribute to a persons temperamentHereditary influencesEnvironmental influences culturalShyness in the western culture shyness is a social disadvantageCan sometimes lead to isolation and depressionIn some eastern cultures shyness is seen as an advantageStability of Temperament Are traits stableSeveral components of temperament are stable through childhood and sometimes into adulthoodChildren who displayed temperaments at the extreme ends of the spectrum tended to keep those tendencies over children who variedEarly Temperamen
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