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PSY 302
Sohail Rashid

Chapter 10March17101146 PMHuman language is amazingly flexible productive and novel ability to produce thingsLanguage is a small number of individually meaningless symbols sounds gestures letters that can be combined according to agreedon rules to produce messagesComponents of LanguageRather than language other species have communication systemsCommunication is the process by which one organism transmits information to and influences anotherThose who study the structure and development of childrens language are called psycholinguists They have tried to answer the question what must children learn to master their native tonge Some of the knowledge that underlie the growth of linguistic proficiency areSyntax aka surface structureThe order of the words or symbols grammarSemantecs aka deep structureMeaningPhonology basic units of sound phonemes that are used in language and the rules for combining these soundsMorphology how words are formed from soundPragmaticsknowledge of how to use language to communicate effectivelyAlso involves sociolinguistic knowledge culturally specified rules that dictate how the language should be used in particular social contextsTheories of Language DevelopmentHow do children learn such a complex system language so fastThe naturenurture controversy is again seenEmpiricistsLearning Perspective believe language is learned through imitation and reinforcement ie Children learn language by imitating what they hear reinforced when they use proper grammar and are correcte
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