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Week 8 - Neuroendocrine Systems

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PSY 324
Ayesha Khan

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Week 8 Neuroendocrine SystemsNovember04111142 AMSexually dimorphic behaviors are behaviors that differ in males and femalesWithout these the species would not surviveHormones that are present before and after birth play a special role in the development and control of sexually dimorphic behaviorsSexual DevelopmentProduction of Gametes and FertilizationAll cells of the human body other than sperm or ova contain 23 pairs of chromosomesThe production of gametesova and sperms entails a special form of cell division This process produces cells that contain one member of each of the 23 pairs of chromosomesA persons chromosomal sex is determined at the time of fertilization of the ovum by the fathers spermThe last pair of the 23 chromosomes determine the persons sex sex chromosomesThere are two types of sex chromosomes X and Y Females have two X chromosomes All the ova that a woman produces will contain an X chromosomeMales have an X and Y chromosome When a mans sex chromosomes divide half will contain X and half will contain YDevelopment of the Sex OrgansThe Y chromosome does not only determine the sexual behaviors of a male or a female Exposure to sex hormones before and after birth is responsible for our sexual dimorphismThe Y chromosome controls the development of the glands that produce the male sex hormonesGonadsThere are three general categories of sex organs the gonads the internal sex organs and the external genitaliaThe gonads testes
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