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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Physical Changes

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Ryerson University
PSY 402
Sohail Rashid

Chapter 2 Physical ChangesSeptember29101048 PMNotePurely biologicalphysical view of agingDoing first part P3452 ignoring middle part P5261Why do we ageRate of living theoriesthere is a certain amount of energy we are given and we spend it VariationsMetabolic ratesslower metabolic rates in animals is correlated with longer life spansCaloric intakedecreased caloric intake is associated with longer life spansExample in Okinawa the residents only eat 60 of the normal Japanese diet have more people over 100 years of age per capita than the rest of Japan Warning correlation does not apply causeStress adaptationthe bodys ability to deal with stress decreases with ageCellular theories point to causes of aging at the cellular levelHayflick limit cells can only divide a limited number of times Older cells seem to divide lessTelomeres become shorter with each replication eventually become unable to replicateCrosslinking certain proteins in human cells interact randomly and produce molecules that are linked in such a way as to make the body stifferCollagen becomes stiffer as we age much like a leather productFreeradicalshighly reactive chemicals produced during cellular metabolism may cause cellular damageAntioxidants may help reverse this processProgrammed cell death theoriesinnate genetically programmed ability of cells to self destructWe cannot truly understand health and aging wit
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