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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Social Cognition

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Ryerson University
PSY 402
Sohail Rashid

Chapter 9 Social CognitionNovember0410857 AMStereotypesMay lead to errors in thinkingAlgorithmsHeuristictwo typesRepresentativeness heuristic a way of thinking that thinks in stereotypes egA person who reads poetry cannot be a truck driverAvailability heuristic what is available to the mindAge Stereotypes and perceived competenceAgebased double standard if a young person forgets their keys its no problem If an older person forgets their keys they are considered senileActivation of stereotypesImplicit stereotypes automatically activated unconscious negative stereotypes about agePatronizing talkslow speech simple vocabulary superficial conversation Similar to how adults talk to young children Negative age stereotypes contribute to this behaviourP 311 Stereotype threat Evoked fear of being judged in accordance with a negative stereotype about a group to which you belongExample a girl may do poorer on a math test because of stereotypes about girls math abilityStereotype lift occurs when a privileged group is motivated to perform after exposure to an unflattering
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