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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Adult development + Test Coverage and Notes

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PSY 402
Sohail Rashid

CHAPTER 9Tuesday November 02 20101044 AMSocialCognitionImpressionformation primarymake a good first impression on interview dateHow older people form impression they judge others but old people are also judged ageism stereotypedStereotypesare shortcuts of perception social knowledge structure about characteristics of certain groups of peopleNegative old loving physical ability angry forgetfulCan not be overgeneralized for everythingHeuristic rule of thumb strategy to do somethingfind correct keySame thingcommon term algorithmis used by computersSystematic trial and errorAge based double standard young vs old people being forgetfulOperating when individual attributes of old people is seen as more serious than younger people as muchImplicitstereotype subliminal message prime young adults with images of senile peopleSubconscious perception of adults as weak etcLeads to patronizing talkThis affects the old adults performance communication2 types of heuristicRepresentativeness judging of instance by representing it in a category EXP someone tells you a 1person is thin is it likely they areor Availability what is available to the mind EXP one may think tornadoes kill more than lightening 2due to mediaImplicitsocialbeliefs content treat girls inferior to boysStrength how much it is expressedHow likely to be activated automaticallywill the girls act inferiorStereotypethreat fear of being judged with negative stereotypeStereotypelift privileged group in motivated by something exposing negative stereotype of other group men motivated to lead because women are portrayed as bad leadersHeider theorist states we are all social psychologist because it is useful we all judge is he a good date TeacherAttributes Internal dispositional traitcausal1Judge people on biological foundationExternal situationalenvironmental2Judge people on corresponding biasfundamental error of attributionIf one sees a person acting violent one can make an internal attribution the person is rude or aggressive Or external person was having a bad dayWe tend to make internal attributions for others hes a bad guyWe tend to be external towards ourselves I am not bad just having bad dayActor Observer Prof is extroverted in class introverted in real lifeThere is exception to correspondence bias towards self selfserving biasPeople always go external for themselves except for successesdepressionDepression therapy tries to make people make internal attribution of abouttheir successesOlder adult internal attribution of others are more pronouncedjudge people move PSYCH Page 1
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