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PSY 654
Benjamin Dyson

Cognitive PsychologyTextbookCHAPTER ONE Cognitive Psychology Studying the Mind Cognitive psychology is concerned with the scientific study of the mind determining the properties and mechanisms of the mind What is the MindA healthy mind is associated with normal functioning a nonfunctioning mind with abnormal functioning Viewed as something valuable and something that should be used The mind creates and controls mental functions such as perception attention memory emotions language deciding thinking and reasoning The mind has a central role in determining our various mental abilities The mind is a system that creates representations of the world so that we can act within it to achieve our goals functioning and survival Cognition The mental processes such as perception attention memory and so on that are what the mind does Early Work in Cognitive Psychology1800s impossible to study the mind the mind was not made to study itself the properties of the mind cannot be measured Francisus Donders 1868 How long does it take to make a decisionoMeasured reaction timehow long it took to respond to presentation of a stimulusoAsked participants to press a button upon representation of a light A simple reaction time task oSecond part of the experiment participants were asked to push one button when the light was on the left and another button when the light was on the right A choice reaction time task oPresenting the stimulus causes a mental response which leads to a behavioral response The mental response includes not only perceiving the light but also deciding what button to push in the choice reaction time task
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