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Chapter 3


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Ryerson University
PSY 654
Benjamin Dyson

Cognitive PsychologyChapter 3TEXTBOOKPerceptionThe Nature of Perception Perception experiences resulting from stimulation of the senses Purpose of the perceptual system is to provide accurate information about what is out there in the environment which is important for survival Perceptions can change based on added information and can involve similar processes to reasoning and problem solvingPerception involves a reasoning process however it occurs so rapidly and effortlessly it appears to be automaticIt involves dynamic processes that accompany and support our actions Perception Starts at the Receptors BottomUp Processing First step in perception is the stimulation of receptors by stimuli from environmentBottomup processingprocessing that begins with the stimulation of receptors PhysiologicallyoThe sequence of events that occur after light reflected from an object stimulates the visual receptors in the eyeoThis stimulation of receptors triggers a series of events in which electrical signals are transmitted from the receptors towards the brain Feature detectorsreceptors that respond to specific features and orientations Behaviorally oRecognitionbyComponents theory Irving Biederman we perceive objects by perceiving elementary features called geons Geons perceptual building blocks that can be combined to create objectsWe can recognize an object if we are able to perceived just a few of its geons even if the geons were obscured
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