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Chapter 4


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PSY 654
Benjamin Dyson

Cognitive PsychologyChapter 4 TEXTBOOKAttention 1Selective attention the ability to focus on one message while ignoring all others has been demonstrated using the dichotic listening procedure2A number of models have been proposed to explain the process of selective attention Broadbents filter model proposes that the attended message is separated from the incoming signal early in the analysis of the signal Treismans model proposes later separation and adds a dictionary unit to explain how the unattended message can sometimes get through Late selection models propose that selection doesnt occur until messages are processed enough to determine their meaning3The flanker compatibility task has been used to determine how cognitive load affects attention Generally when the load is low taskirrelevant stimuli are processed even if the observer is focusing attention on another stimulus However when the load is high taskirrelevant stimuli are not processed4The Stroop effect demonstrates how a powerful task irrelevant stimulus such as meaningful words that result in a response that co
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