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quiz review chap 1,2,3 with answers qms102

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Ryerson University
Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Jason Chan

QMS102Business Statistics I Review QuestionsQuiz Review 1Which one of the following statistics is NOT an example of discrete dataA Households watching Canadian IdolB Employees reporting in sickC Distance traveled between Toronto and OttawaD Members of the York Region Lions ClubE Family members FNone of the above 2 Which of the following is an example of continuous dataA Family incomeB Number of students in a statistics classC Postal codes of shoppersD Rankings of baseball teams in a leagueENone of the above3The members of each basketball team wear numbers on the back of their jerseys What scale of measurement are these numbers considered A Nominal B Ordinal C Ratiodiscrete DInterval E RatiocontinuousF None of the above4What level of measurement are the Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperature scalesA Nominal B Ordinal C Ratiodiscrete DInterval E RatiocontinuousF None of the above5What level of measurement is a bar codeA Nominal B Ordinal C Ratiodiscrete DIntervalE RatiocontinuousF None of the above 6Which of the following three statements are trueI Statistics is defined as a body of techniques used to facilitate the collection organization presentation analysis and interpretation of information for the purpose of making better decisions II The order that runners finish in a race would be an example of continuous dataIII If we select 100 persons out of 25000 registered voters and question them about candidates and issues the 100 persons are referred to as the sample A I II and III B I and IIC I and IIID II and III E All statements are falseFall2011 Page1 QMS102Business Statistics I Review Questions 7 What is the following table called Ages Number of customers20and under 30 2430and under 40 6740and under 50 1550and under 60 2760and under 70 1170and under 80 3AHistogramB PolygonC Cumulative frequency distributionDFrequency distributionE None of the above8Consider the following relative frequency distribution Class Interval Relative Frequency 0 and under 10 021 10 and under 20 033 20 and under 30 042 30 and under 40 004 If there are 3000 numbers in the data set how many of the values are at least20 A 1380 B 1620C 2250D 1260E None of the above9The head of the statistics department wants to determine the number of mistake made by students in their first online assignment She gathers information from her classes of the past yearErrors Per Assignment Number of Students0 and under 2 1402 and under 4 1504 and under 6 1306 and under 8 1108 and under 10 120 How many students made at least 4 errorsA 280 B 130C 360 D 230 E 140F None of the above Fall2011 Page2
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