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ch 6 part 1

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Retail Management
RMG 200
Brent Barr

Ch 6: Store Design, Layout, and Visual Merchandising Strategy Objectives of a Good Design A. Design should be consistent with image and strategy – define the target customer and them design a store that complements customers’ needs B. Design should positively influence consumer behaviour – store layout and space panning issues to attract customers to the store; enable them to locate merchandise of interest easily; motivate them to make unplanned, impulse purchases; provide them with a satisfying shopping experience C. Design should consider cost versus value – free forms are more expensive than rows of gondolas, placing more profitable merchandise in the front D. Design should be flexible - takes two forms (a) ability to physically move store components (b) ease with which components can be modified E. Design trade offs – stimulating impulse purchases and making it easy to buy products, ease of finding merchandise and providing an interesting shopping experience determined by the customer’s shopping needs STORE LAYOUT  Consumers are predisposed to turn right  Head moves 45 degree turn and foot leads into the retail space  Method for help customers move through the store is provide interesting design elements (eg. Antique stores have nooks and crannies) Types of Designs Grid  Store design, typically used by grocery stores, in which merchandise is displayed on long gondolas in aisles with a repetitive pattern  Cost efficient and allows orderly stocking  Customers are not exposed to all merchandise in the store Racetrack  Provides a major aisle to facilitate customer traffic that has access to the store’s multiple entrances  Aka loop  Access to all departments  Encourages impulse purchasing Free Form  Aka boutique layout  Used primarily in small specialty stores or within the boutiques of large stores that arranges fixtures and aisles asymmetrically  Eg. Small specialty stores, within large deparment stores  Personal selling becomes important  Theft is higher than grid design Feature Areas Area designed to get the customers attention that includes: End caps Display fixture located at the end of an aisle Coca Cola located near the rest of the soft drinks, but is on sale Promotional Aisle o area of a store designed to gt the “Trim the tree” department that seems aisle or area customer’s attention magically to appear right after Halloween every year for the Christmas holidays Freestanding Fixtures and mannequins located on aisles that Display newest, most exciting merchandise fixtures and are designed primarily to get customer’s in the department mannequins attention and bring them into a department Windows  Help draw customers Christmas or valentine decorations  Provide visual message about type of merchandise for sale n the store and the type of image the store wishes  Set shopping mood Point of sale  Aka Point of purchase (POP), checkout areas, Long line ups at No Frills, people buy extra areas cash wrap areas candy at checkout  Places in the store where customers often wait there for the transaction Walls  Retailers store extra stock, display merchandise and present message by utilizing wall space  Distance from the main aisle to the wall (or column) should be no more than 7-10 metres The wall sis the most important fixture, according to visual merchandise John Weishar:  Holds more merchandise  Can present coordinated face outs with a
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