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RMG 200 Chapter Notes -Human Resource Management, Job Scheduler, Glass Ceiling

Retail Management
Course Code
RMG 200
Brent Barr

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Developing Partnering Relationships with Employees
Four human resource management activities that build commitment through developing partnering relationships
with employees are:
Reducing Status Differences
Through use of language and cut substantively by lowering wage differentials
and increasing communications between managers at different levels in the
Promotion from within
Staffing policy that involves hiring new employees only for positions at the
lowest level in the job hierarchy and then promoting employees for openings
at higher levels in the hierarchy
Balancing Careers and
Job sharing, child care, employee assistance programs
Flextime: job scheduling system that enables employees to choose the times
they work
Enable employees to pursue
outside interests
Three trends in HRM:
The increasing importance of having diverse workforce
The growth in legal restrictions on HR practices
Use of technology to increase employee productivity
Minority groups now embrace their differences and want employers to accept them for who they
Retail customers’ racial and ethnic backgrounds are increasingly diverse
Fundamental principle of managing diversity is recognition that employees have different needs
and require different approaches to accommodating those needs
Diversity Training
Developing cultural awareness teaches people how their own culture differs from the culture
of other and how stereotypes they hold influence the way they treat people
Building competencies role playing to develop better interpersonal skills
Support Groups and Mentoring
Mentoring programs: high level managers help lower level managers learn the firm’s values
Career Development and Promotions
Glass ceiling
Legal and
Issues in
All employers and employees must comply with Employment Standards Act
o Wages
o Paid holidays and vacations
o Leave for maternity
o Parental care
o Adoption
o Bereavement leave
o Termination notice
o Overtime pay
o Limits on maximum number of hours work permitted per day or week
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