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Chapter 16

Chapter note from Sociology in Our Times 5th Canadian Edition: Chapter 16 Education

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SOC 103
Sal Guzzo

Chapter 16: Education An Overview of Education Education: is the social institution responsible for the systematic transmission of knowledge, skills, and cultural values within a formally organized structure A social institution that imparts values, beliefs, and knowledge considered essential to the social reproduction of individual personalities and entire cultures Early socialization first at family and friends Then, socialization passes to the schools and other more formalized organizations created for the purpose of educating Sociology of education: entire subfield of sociology devoted to education Education in Historical- Global Perspective Micro level, people must acquire the basic knowledge and skills they need to survive in society Macrolevel, the social institution of education is an essential component in maintaining and perpetuating the culture of a society across generations Cultural transmission: the process by which children and recent immigrants become acquainted with the dominant cultural beliefs, values, norms and accumulated knowledge of a society (occurs through informal and formal education) Informal Education in Preliterate Societies Preliterate societies: have no written language and are characterized by basic technology and a simple division of labour Informal education: learning that occurs in a spontaneous, unplanned way Can happen through storytelling or ritual ceremonies that convey cultural messages and provide behavioural norms Formal Education in Pre-industrial Industrial, and Post-Industrial Societies Preindustrial societies: have written language, few people know how to read and write, and formal education is often reserved for the privileged www.notesolution.com
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