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Race (SOC103)

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SOC 103
Sal Guzzo

Race and EthnicityRaceis a category of people who have been singled out as inferior or superior often on the basis of real or alleged physical characteristics such as skin colour hair texture eye shape or other subjectively selected attributesThis classification is rooted in the nineteenth century when some biologists made distinctions to ydivide the worlds population into three racial categories Caucasian Negroid and MongoloidEthnic Originis a collection of people distinguished by others or by themselves primarily on the basis of cultural or nationality characteristics Ethnic groups share five main characteristics y1 Unique cultural traits2 A sense of community3 A feelingof ethnocentrism4 Ascribed membership from birth 5 Territoriality The Social Significance of Race and Ethnicity Race and ethnicity take on great social significance because of how people act in regard to these yterms drastically affects other peoples lives including what opportunities they have how they are treated and even how long they liveFleras and Elliot discuss that being white is referred to as white privilegeyEthnicity like race is a basis of hierarchical ranking in society yJohn Porter described Canada as a vertical Mosaic made up of different ethnic groups y Majority and Minority Groups A majority or dominant group is one that is advantaged and has superior resources and rights yin a society A minority or subordinate group is one whose members because of physical or cultural ycharacteristics are disadvantaged and subjected to unequal treatment by the dominant group and who regard themselves as objects of collective discriminationall women and minority groups are considered minority groups in CanadaVisible minority refers to an official government category of nonwhite NonCaucasian individuals y PrejudicePrejudice is a negative attitude based on preconceived notions about members of selected groups Can be positive or negative biasy Racial prejudice involves beliefs that certain racial groups are innately inferior to others or have a disproportionatenumber of negative traits StereotypesPrejudice is rooted in stereotypes and ethnocentrism y Ethnocentrism refers to the tendency to regard ones own culture and group as superiorStereotypesovergeneralizations about the appearance behaviour or other characteristics of members of particular groups The media is a major source of developing racial and ethnic stereotypesy Theories of Prejudice
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