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SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

SOC 103 – Chapter 10 Mass Media Mass communication: the transmission of messages by a person or group through a device to a large audience Mass media: include any medium designed to communicate messages to a mass audience Block Printing: a process in which wooden blocks are engraved with images and text, inked and then pressed onto paper Movable Type: Gutenberg’s invention that allowed individual letters or images to be moved without influencing the surrounding text Forms of media over time  Newspapers: began to emerge across Europe  Telegraph- after the newspaper  The Phonograph  Moving Pictures  Radio  Television – has become an integral part of the world’s social, political and economic landscape, indeed, few technological developments have had such a profound influence on the social fabric of our lives  The Internet Mass Media Today - Traditional mass communication technologies (radio, newspaper, TV) push content to their audience, new technologies enable consumers to pull content that reflects their interests whenever they want Web 2.0: Interactive online tools dedicated to promoting a greater sense of community Digital Sociality: a social landscape in which new communication technologies are promoting human interaction and contact (Cellphones) RSS (Really simple syndication): A web feed format that informs subscribers of new information posted on online services Wiki: an online body of information to which anyone can add or modify content Podcast: a technology that allows automatic downloading of audio and video files that can then be played back on personal computers or loaded onto portable players Narrowcast: a transmission of data to specialized audiences who subscribers to the service Demassification: a process by which the mass audience is fragmented into small groups or niches to appeal to unique interests Functionalism - Functionalists view mass media as providing a unique and powerful ability to promote common values and beliefs Socialization function: Mass medias role in transmitting belief’s, values and traditions from one generation to the next Surveillance function: ca
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