SOC 103 Chapter Notes -Activity Theory, Disengagement Theory, Dependency Ratio

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21 Nov 2012
SOC 103 - Chapter 11 Aging, Disabilities and Health Policy
- Ages 65-74 report the highest scores on measures of well-being
- People with higher education have a greater awareness of health risks and are
more likely to make use of medical services
Issues Faced By Seniors
Transition to retirement
- A small percentage of people who retire enjoy life less; these people have fair to
poor health, do not have much financial support and did not plan adequately for
Financial Pressures
- Low-income individuals experience little change in income throughout their
- Wealthy individuals experience a substantial loss of income
Elderly dependency ratio: Measures the proportion of seniors to workers
Age Discrimination
Ageism: is a system of inequality based on age that privileges the young at the
expense of the old
- Seniors in our society are routinely subjected to negative stereotypes regarding
their physical and mental abilities
Vulnerability to crime: older people are less likely than younger people to be
victims of violent crime, they experience more fear of it and feel vulnerable when
they leave their homes
Chronic Pain and the Need for Long-term care
- When someone can no longer take care of themselves, they often make use of long-
term care resources either in their home or in an institutional setting
Preparing to Die
- Many worry about how and when they are going to die
Euthanasia: is generally defined as the deliberate ending of the life of a person who
has an incurable or painful disease
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