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Chapter 6

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SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

SOC103- Chapter 6- Families Module 6.1 Defining Families Classical definitions  Social group characterized by common residence, economic cooperation, and reproduction includes adults of both sexes and least 2 of whom maintain a socially approved sexual relationship, 1 or more children, own or adopted of the sexually cohabiting adults—Murdoch 1949  Social arrangement based on marriage and the marriage contract, including recognition of the rights and duties of parenthood, common residence for husband, wife, and children, and reciprocal economic obligations between husband and wife—Stephans 1963  Nuclear family- Adult male, adult female, and their offspring o Margit Eichler—often held up as the ideal to which all inspire  Extended family- multiple generations of adults living with their spouses and children  Family of orientation- family into which one is born  Family of procreation- the family one creates by having children or adopting children  Definition doesn’t include—same sex couples, lone parent, common-law couples, couples without children  2005 legalization of same sex marriages Canadian definitions—from statistic Canada  Census family—a married couple, a couple living common-law, or a lone parent of any martial status, with at least 1 child living in the same dwelling o A couple may be the opposite or same sex. o Children in a census family include grandchildren living with their grandparents but with no parent present  Economic family—a group of 2 or more parents who live in the same dwelling and are related to each other by blood, marriage, common-law or adoption o A couple may be of opposite sex or the same sex o 2006- foster children are included o Definition compasses a wider range of people The expanding boundaries of family  Defining family—socially and legally how we are situated in relation to social institutions Module 6.2 Sociological Approaches to Families Functionalism  Family meets the needs of wider society, conflict theorists asserts that the family is organized to meet the needs of capitalism and more specifically to serve ruling class interest  Families accomplish certain social functions o Provide individuals with love, and emotional and economic support o Regulate sexual expression and reproduction o Socialize and discipline children  Specialized—specific roles developed for men, woman, and children alike  Expressive role- responsibility for the emotional well bring of family members and the socialization of children  Instrumental role- responsible for engaging in paid labour outside the home  Nuclear family—functional and natural Conflict theory  Built into social structure—part of social life  What drives social change  Through reform or revolution, social conflict can be minimized or even resolve altogether  Industrialization and the family o Shifted from being sites of production to sites of consumption o Instead of producing their needs at home—force to purchased good and services at the markets  Social reproduction and the family o Social reproduction- activities required to ensure the day to day and generational reproduction of the population o Domestic labour- activities required to maintain a home and care for the people who live in it 1 SOC103- Chapter 6- Families Symbolic interactionism  Micro approach to studying family life  Study of giving a child a last name—asserting family legitimate  Roles in families o Interactions will fluctuate depending on the situation, the setting, and the expectations of those with whom you interact o Role strain- stress that results when someone does not have sufficient resources to play a role or roles Feminist theory  No one family form is inherently natural or functional—not even the oft-heralded heterosexual nuclear family  Family
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