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Chapter 11

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Ryerson University
SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

SOC103 Chapter 11 Aging Disabilities and Health Policy Module 111 Aging in Canada Seniors wellbeing and health statusInfluenced by their physical healthSeniors with a university degreemore likely to report excellent or very good health then those less of a high school education o People with higher education have a greater awareness of health risks and are more likely to make use of medical services Issues faced by seniorsTransition to retirementFinancial pressures o Elderly dependency ratio ratio of seniors to workersAge discrimination o Ageism system of inequality based on age that privileges he young at the expense of the oldVulnerability to crime o Elder abuse any form of mistreatment that results in harm or loss to an older personChronic pain and need for long term care o Longterm care the provision of any services required by persons who are dependent on others to meet their daily needs o Chronic pain ongoing pain that last longer than 3 months after the usually recovery period for an injury or ailmentPreparing to die o Euthanasia deliberate ending of the life of a person who has an incurable or painful disease Sociological approaches to agingFunctionalism o Stress harmony between societys institutions and the need for smooth transition from one generation to the next o Disengagement theory assertion that successful aging requires the gradual withdrawal from social activity o Older people want to be released from the roles that requires hard work and responsibility o Transition to retirementConflict theory o Highlights the roots of institutional ageism in that focuses on the constant tension between young and old o Pressure either to exclude or to embrace the elderly is a direct consequence of labour market conditionSymbolic interactionism o Ones identity is constructed by performing many roles they play o Activity theory belief that people should remain engaged and active for as long as possible o Limitationone that it cannot be expected to address is that over time everyone becomes less able to remain activeResults to inevitable physical degeneration that occurs in very old ageFeminist theory o How woman respond to an aging body in a society fixated on appearance and youth o Much feminist literature accentuates the cultural preference granted to the masculineYoung attractive woman also possess social powerWoman agethey lose powerPoststructuralism o Embedded in a framework of truth and knowledge that develops through circulating power relations within society Module 112 Disabilities in Canada1
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