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SOC 104 Chapter Page 91-96: Week 7 Coontz "We Way We Weren't"

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SOC 104
Laura Thrasher

Friday, March 17, 2017 Week 7 Families The Way We Werent Stephanie Coontz (page 9196) Attempts to reproduce any type of family outside of its originaleconomic context are doomed to fail. vicissitudes denition a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant Although families face serious problems today, attempts to revolve them through traditional family forms values are ineffective in two ways: no single traditional family existed to which we could return none of the families in the past has had any effective solution for protecting its members from the vicissitudes of socioeconomic change. the strengths that we may nd in families of the past were rooted in different social, cultural, and economic circumstances from those that prevail today Colonial Families American families have always been diverse the traditional family (male breadwinner female homemaker) nuclear ideal only dominated a small portion of our history Native America kinships systems subordinated the nuclear family to a larger network of marital alliances kin obligations (no single family was forced to go through it alone) European families formed independent households with extended families formed from having servants, slaves, and the poor work for them. Even the wealthy families were sometimes faced with death, resulting in some stepfamilies. 1
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