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Chapter 6

SOC 104 Chapter 6: Racial Formation in the US

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SOC 104
Laura Thrasher

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Sunday, February 12, 2017 Radical Formation in the United States Racial Views Susie Guillory Phipps (198283) raised questions about the concept of race after she unsuccessfully sued the Louisana Bureau of Vital Records to change her race from black to white. The law declared that anyone with onethirtysecond Negro blood is black. Assistant Attorney General Ron Davis defended the law by saying that some type of racial classication was necessary for federal record keeping requirements and to make programs to prevent genetic diseases. Europeans (children of God) were distinguished from others (natives or people of different race) from expropriation of property, denial of political rights, slavery, and extermination. Race was thought of as a biological concept but the denition has been debatable til this day. Race has deed biological denition has discern the scientic meaning of race to present day. Arthur Jensen argued that hereditary factors shape intelligence. Attempts have been made to remove the concept of race from fundamental social, political, or economic determination and instead suggest that truth of race lies in the terrain of innate characteristics (skin colour other physical attributes provide only obvious, supercial indicators). 1
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