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Chapter 23

SOC 104 Chapter 23: Class and Power

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SOC 104
Laura Thrasher

Sunday, February 12, 2017 Class and Power P.237 The Canadian MiddleClass Image Canada has a classless image Social images social realities are two things, although not entirely separate from each other Social images (which is how it can be portrayed) can come from old, historical views, or from contemporary creators like the mass media and popular culture The rural environment has been Canadas important source for the image of equality. Canada has made it so that people assume the roles of middleclass classlessness ex. most students end up going to University even when it means having to thrift and earn a little bit more money because lots of students have gotten through The main values of the society are concerned with the consumption of commodities for everybody except for a small group of the permanently poor at the bottom. Credit facilities are available for a large group of low income which enables them to be consumers of commodities over above the necessities of life. Difference between LowIncome and MiddleIncome inequalitys in credit facilities, based what can be borrowed by how much they make Privacy is something lowincome families cannot afford, using shared homes Highconsuming low income families could be due to wifemother or older child also contributing to the income or having two jobs Moonlighting which tends to offset the progress made in raising the level of wages and reducing the hours of the week The Wealthy 1
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