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Chapter 4

SOC 104 Chapter 4: Womens Perspective as a Radical

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Ryerson University
SOC 104
Laura Thrasher

Saturday, February 11, 2017 Womens Perspective as a Radical P. 19 Women in Society there are two modes of knowing experience that bifurcates the consciousness one located in the body and in the space which it occupies other which passes beyond it Society can liberate the mind from time and space remove it into a new and transcendental realm Women are outside subservient to this structure The governing conceptual world is appropriated by men while the world organized in the natural attitude, the home, is appropriate (or assigned to) women. women meet mens need (organizes his daily life, cares for him and the children, etc which mirrors life of women in the professional scene bc women generally act as clerks, assistants, secretaries, etc) This perspective has framed and constrained the symbolic and conceptual ways of making sense of the world through the sociological perspective, since it is developed from and by mens experience. Marxs Alienation the harder a woman works, the more she strengthens the order which suppresses her All knowledge is knowledge from a particular standpoint and what which has been claimed as objective knowledge of society conceals a male bias. In this article Smith draws attention to the male bias and confining nature of the discipline of sociology in its current form, and calls for a 1
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