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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Summary

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

CHP 4 pg. 109 INTRODUCTION:THEBUSINESSOFCULTURE • the production of culture has an unprecedented significance for today’s economies • the performance of the overall economy has become dependent to an unprecedented degree on consumer spending more attention paid to production • • The production of steel and cars has been treated as the “real” economy, whereas the production of films and television shows has been seen as a marginal economic practice. Economicvs.ArtisticSuccess • the more financially successful a product might be. the less ARTISTICALLY successful it must be. inverse relationship between economic and artistic success. • • If the great, unwashed masses like something then it’s impossible for it to be good Walter Benjamin - the fact that popular culture is produced for profit, and in general, by large groups of people instead of single creative individuals should tell us right away that understanding popular culture means to understand the process through which it is made. TheFrankfurtSchool • “Culture Industry” • emphasize the production of popular culture and insist on its ideological constraints continuing the political work of achieving human freedom • WhatistheCultureIndustry? • the institutions that create films, television programs, popular music and video games • borders between cu
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