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Chapter 10

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SOC 202
Stephen Muzzatti

Chapter 10: Pop Globalization - Globalization: In the 1990s it was associated with the decline of industrial manufacturing; “Rust Belt” of the U.S & Eastern Canada - Loss of blue collared jobs – unprecedented migration of North American industries to lower wage countries (maquiladoras; U.S – Mexico Border) - Globalization is now linked to an expanding range of political, economic, social, an cultural phenomena - Synomynous, “New World Order”, “The End of History” - term used after Cold war and dissolution of Soviet Union - Communities are being connected; huge distances, immediate forms of communication with New Communications Technology - Integration of national economies through financial markets - GATT: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade - Strengthening of world-wide relations which link distant localties in a way local happenening are shaped by events miles away - Transnational corporations: shift production across the world, take advantage of cheap labour, & loose environmental and labour regulations in less developed countries. - Stock markets in the U.S can affect stock markets in Canada, Shanhai, etc - GDP; gross domestic product, flows across borders in the form of foreigh exchange transactions in roughly eight days. The Roots of Globalization: - Colonial Empire: Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Italy; followed by Japan and U.S. o Produced a market in Europe for goods produced abroad ( bananas, oranges, coffee, sugar, etc) o Colononies in South America, Africa, and Asia became sites of resource extraction and agriculture production for the European market o Value-added manufacturing took place in Europe with these goods being exported back to the colonies in effort to maximize the size of markets and profits for European goods. o Industries of india and the phillipines were devastated by cheaper textiles exported from England. - Movie: Life and Debt: examines the flood of the U.S agricultural products into Jamaica, a fertile country whose financial problems and debt crisis has meant that local farmers find it difficult to produce fruit and vegetables grown thousands of miles away. - Multinational scope: Japanese automobile manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan sold and produced as many cars in many countries outside of Japan - U.S corporations --> global monopolies which led to anti trusts, legislation to control limit of control of trade by large companies such as Standard Oil, Carnegie Steel & American Tobacco - Legislation used to challenge the power of corporations like AT&T and Microsoft - 1886, corporations in U.S were granted full legal rights as “natural persons” far in advance of woman and minorities. - The public had the ability to limit a company’s profits & debts. - Media Convergence: Contemporary media: vertically integrated in the film industry; horizontally integrated by owning several record lbels, television channels, or film studios. o Example: Disney: Owns theme parks, publishing houses, magazine, radio and television stations, Interactive studios ( video games) Theoretical productions, travel agencies and much more Globalization and Politics: - Focus on: o 1) the decline of the power of nation-states and the rise in power of corporations and international agencies such as the International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization, o 2) the increasing privatization of public services and public spaces National Identity: - Feeling of national belonging, compete with identification ranging from different types of consumer identity. - Reactions of citizens to terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers - Shaping in global politics by non-governmental organizations such as the International intellectual property organization. Technological Dimensions of Globalization: - 2001 Bell Canada “ Online Jam” ad. Promotes high speed internet connection featuring musicians from different countries. - Communication of satellites: with phone calls, tv im
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