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Chapter 1

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Chapter 1 – Introducing Popular Culture “Popular culture” is always changing, and thus, difficult to describe. Defining Popular Culture A vague definition of Popular Culture would be “things that are enjoyed by many people every day; the practices of everyday life” (e.g. getting a coffee) What is Culture? The definition of culture is one that is hard to pin down and appears in many contradictory contexts. It is a significant part of society. It is a way of life, and refers to the practices of a group. Mass Media Mass media tends to fall outside the definition of culture, but are credited as the thing that threatens to destroy culture. Objects of Study Cultural studies define culture as “the social production and reproduction of sense, meaning and consciousness. The sphere of meaning unifies the spheres of production (economics) and social relations (politics).” What/Who Defines the Popular Popular is defined as something liked by many people. It carries connotations of value that is contrasted with the value of what
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