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Chapter 1

Popular culture Chapter 1

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

-Practices of everyday life -Question of meaning is never evident always up for negotiation and disagreement Culture -Associated with the past -Collection of ideas ad artifacts that comprises a cultural tradition -everyday rituals such as meals, work, religious observances, sports, sec, family, and friendship -what defines you The Mass Media -frequently cited as the thing that threatens to destroy “culture” one set of critics laments the dumbing-down of Shakespeare to satisfy the tastes of a mass audience in Hollywood predictions example: 10 things I hate about you the taming of the shrew  warns of the corruption of “authentic” grassroots cultures by the global entertainment industry nostalgia-feeling that something ahs been lost  culture has become contaminated by commerce Objects of Study Culture: social production and reproduction of sense, meaning and consciousness -meaning the unifies production (economics)and social relations (politics) definition insofar  include a wide variety of “meaning-producing” practices and technologies  includes traditional definitions of culture, fine art and everyday practices  mass media -cultural studies thinks about connections between culture ad the spheres of politics and economics -seeks to understand how realm of activity concerned with meaning, pleasures, an identities” shapes relations of power what/who defines the popular? -Popular comes from a contemporary context -carry with its connotations of value contrasted with value of what it is not what is popular culture? -entertainment produced from commercial media that are able to get a diverse audience -measured by patterns of consumption t
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