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SOC 203
Tonya Davidson

ShortAnswer Chapter 1 1. How has corporate concentration changed in Canada in the last thirty years? 2. According to Wallace Clements, economic control in Canada became even more concentrated than the previous years in which Porter had concluded. Porter said that around 200 corporations comprised of 1000 individuals dominated much of Canada’s economic power structure. Wallace said that only 113 powerful companies ruled the economic structure over the past 30 years, therefore becoming more concentrated. So we can see by this trend that as capitalism intensifies, corporate concentration increases and a small group of individuals with high power who are interconnected are at the centre of Canada’s ownership structure. In the past there has been a high degree of economic centralization and level of ownership concentration had increased in mid 80’s from 70’s. There has been change in the structure of corporate ownership. Family corporations experience a loss of some of their corporate holdings of some reduction in their overall influence. Also there has been an increased number of mergers and acquisitions 3. Compared to developed economies, what is the impact of foreign ownership in the Canadian economy? 4. Foreign ownership in Canada takes up about 32% of Canada’s total GDP although; it has been evident that Canadian ownership in foreign businesses surpasses the foreign ownership in Canada in terms of dollar value. For the most part, foreign companies are acquiring Canadian mining companies. Some researchers say that the increase in foreign investment in C
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