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SOC 203
Tonya Davidson

Chapter 3 • What is precarious work? o Increases in self-employment o Members of new middle class going into business for themselves because of the reduced job security produced by large companies either downsizing or contracting out work. • What is Class-consciousness? o Researchers influenced by Marx, used a typology involving three types of degrees:  Class awareness (identity) • Awareness of membership in a distinct class • Majority of the people in middle class adopt this lifestyle  Oppositional class consciousness • Belief that the interests of the workers and capitalists are opposed • Issues such as rights of labour unions and redistribution if income; the attitudes of workers and capitalists diverge o Capitalists- more pro business and less pro labour  Revolutionary or counter hegemonic class consciousness • Belief in the possibility and desirability of a society organized along non-capitalist lines • Why have unionization rates declined in the last 30 years? o Lower because of shift of private sector employment from goods producing industries such as manufacturing and mining in which union density is higher but unions are declining o Unions have had little success in organizing new growth industries and occupations such as information technology o Trend towards decreases in establishment size in goods producing industries since unionization rates are generally lower in small firms o The g
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