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Cultivating Sociological Imaginations Sociologists can be split into:  Empiricists – Obsessed with social life and describe in great detail  Methodologists – Give intellectual energies to rendering tools and statistics of social research  Theorists – Obsessed with the intricacies of human thought and how to make logical the general and abstract principles of social thought Think On: Guidelines for Creating a Sociological Imagination 1. Search for Structures: What are the underlying patterns of social life? Social structures are the patterns of predictable human action that cluster around key problems in living and they vary in all societies. All societies have their own identifiable patterns, but these patterns vary from country to country. 2. Examine Social Actions and Meanings: How Do People Act Towards Others? Humans never stand still. They are constantly moving and keep the world progressing. Social actions refer to human life when it takes into account the meanings people have of other people. It can also be linked to inter-subjectivity; people make sense of social life through entering the mind of those they interact with. One major task of sociology is to understand the workings of everyday logics. 3. Bridge Actions and Structures: How do we Connect Individuals with Society? How do you maintain a balance between actions and structures? 4. Empathize with Lived Cultures: How can we Grasp Meaningful Symbolic Worlds? Different cultures experience different stereotypes. Ethnography is the study of various different cultures. These cultures are not only religions, but can include music cultures, groups, and drugs. These cultures are analyzed using the Verstehen method, which involves thinking about: Language, S
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