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SOC 808
Dr.Michelle Szabo

3272014CSOC808 Module 4Topics and Learning ObjectivesTopics and Learning ObjectivesTopicsThe social construction of genderGender roles in food provisionGender and food choicesLearning ObjectivesBy the end of this module you should be able toCompare sociological theories explaining gender differencesUse statistics to bolster your position in a discussion on food and genderExplain which foods are associated with men and women and whyDescribe why gendered food practices contribute to gender inequalityDefine foodwork and describe the various influences on genderReadingReadingCritical Perspectives in Food Studies Chapter 8McPhail D Beagan BChapman G E 2012 I Dont Want to be Sexist But Denying andReInscribing Gender Through Food Food Culture and Society 153 473489Warm UpPollHeres a poll to get us thinking about gender roles and food Youcan only choose one 1 answer for each question If none of theanswers seem perfect choose the most appropriate one or theone that most resembles your ideal answer Who cooked in yourhousehold when you were growing upAre any of the poll results surprising to you Come back and check the poll later in the week if you are earlytaking it to see how your peers answeredFood and Gender IntroductionOne of aspect of the food system that were most familiar with is household meals In fact meals at home areso familiar to us that we dont often see let alone question the social relations and discourses that allow themto happen This week were going to bring some of these relations and discourses into the openinhttpsderyersoncadecoursestemplatesdescC02F9DE3C2F3040751818AACC7F60B741153272014CSOC808 Module 4Topics and Learning Objectivesparticular those that have to do with gender Were also going to talk about how our food choices shape andare shaped by our gender identitiesWe start on the following pages with a few key definitionsWhat is FoodworkIn Chapter 8 of the textbook Brady et al discuss the gender divide in foodwork Your textbook glossarydefines foodwork as followsFoodwork The efforts involved in food production procurement preparation service and cleanup Itmay be paid as employment or unpaid in the household p 385In this session were going to focus on unpaid domestic household foodworkLets think about household foodwork for a moment Since it has historically been the domain of women inmost cultures it tends to be undervalued Many of the activities involved have also become somewhat invisibleto us since we dont think of them as important However feminists have shown that the activities involved infeeding a household are varied and complexworthy of the term workOn Your Own Make a list of all the activities you can think of that are necessary to the provision of foodfor a household What different things must household cooks do to provide meals for themselves andothers Try to come up with at least 5 activities Keep this list for the next pageFoodwork ActivitiesFeminist food scholars and most famously American sociologist Marjorie DeVault 1991 have documentedthe different types of activities involved in foodworkThey includeplanning mealstravelling to food storesselecting and purchasing productsgrowing foodpreparing raw ingredientscookingbakingcleaning updisposing of wasteYou might be able to think of moreHow does your list from the previous page compare DeVault and others also point out that while foodwork can be satisfying and pleasurable it is also complexand draining This is because the activities involved are not only physical eg walking around a grocerystore or chopping vegetables They are also mental eg making sure to buy enough food and the rightingredients to make meals for the entire week and emotional eg deciding how to negotiate the differentfood preferences allergies nutritional needs etc of different family members Some feminist scholars alsohttpsderyersoncadecoursestemplatesdescC02F9DE3C2F3040751818AACC7F60B74215
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