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Week 7 - Gender and Nationalism in Muslim Majority States

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SOC 885
Amina Jamal

Week 7 Gender and Nationalism in Muslim Majority Statesmany feel that just because a state says it is Islamic it does not mean it is doing everything according to the Quran majority of it the Muslims liver in Indonesia Pakistan India Bangladesh majority live in AsiaParadoxesAmbiguities when we look at the situation of women in contemporary Muslim states we find that womens situation is full of paradoxes and ambiguities meaning of paradoxContradictions there are some contradictions a statement or proposition that seems selfcontradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truthMain paradox in this essay is the political legal status of Muslim women and their actual experiences you will find that the paradox in these women have been elected leaders of their societies they came into power on one hand we find Muslim women to be oppressed and on the other hand we see some women being elected as leaders EX Benazir Bhutto womens have all the rights before the law and there is nothing legally to prevent them from becoming Prime Ministers such as Benazir Bhutto however in their lived experiences there seems to be a lot of oppression main paradox is that while some womens politicallegal status is equal to all citizens their lived realties are very different ththKandiyoti describes what happened most of the Muslim world was colonized in the 19 and early 20 century after WW2 there were anticolonized movementsPeople in Muslim states and other societies had come together to perform protests to drive out colonizers when they were fighting against colonizers many of these states women had then also joined the nationalist movement most was in the 30s and 40s after WW2 British and French and all other states what were colonized agreed after the war that they would give them their freedom when these states became independent in the 50s and 60s they all had a very modern constitutionIt had promised equality to all citizens regardless of race class religion and genderWomen and men had equality before the law just as in CanadaYou may have a different religion but as a citizen you are all equalShariah Hadith and Other Methods Shariah meaning path Divine principles contained in Quran divine revelations and Sunnah traditionsexamples of the Prophet MuhammedIslamic law prescribes Muslim behavior in every aspect of life from private matters between the individual and God to relationships with others from the family or the widest communityWhen we think about law we think of the criminal code in OntarioThe Shariah is a guiding principle that were supposed to determine the lives of Muslims
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