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Week 8 - Women and Mystical Traditions in Islam

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Ryerson University
SOC 885
Amina Jamal

thMonday March 5 2012Week 8 Women and Mystical Traditions in IslamSufism Sufism is widely misunderstood Sufism is not simply a modern version of Islam or a breakaway faction of IslamSufismthe spiritual interior or mystical aspect of IslamSpirit of Islam Chittick 2000 Sufism is a key aspect of Islam the mystical aspect is a key part of Islam If you read the essay Chittick also says the idea of Sufisms is derived directly from Hadith and the Quran there are 3 aspectsHadith Islam Iman Ihsan Islam submissiontells us what to do related to practices bodyIman faith Belief in Allah and His Prophet acceptance of this knowledge and understanding of self and others MindIhsan nearness to God as well as sincerity love virtue perfection Doing the beautifulheart Love and seek the Divine within oneself and each CreatureIt emphasizes the peaceful love and tolerance within Islam Everything is a sign of the Divine in which it is disclosing itself Wherever you turn there is the face of God Social Political Context Global wars and conflicts have not only intensified differences between Muslims and the West but also within Muslim societies Women and gender have become key objects in the clash between Muslim groups that follow different interpretations of IslamThere is a more open
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