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Week 10 - Muslim Women, Feminism and the Politics of Religion

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Ryerson University
SOC 885
Amina Jamal

thMonday March 19 2012Week 10 Muslim Women Feminism and the Politics of Religionthere is another kind of politics related to the issue of the states of women and Islam woman and many of you may have participated in it in the last 1015 years there has been a great increase of women reading the Quran what we are seeing today is a new pheromone some people may say it is political women as groups get together to read the real meanings of the Quran and want to see what the Quran expects a Muslim women to be like many women have become important scholarsContemporary Significance of Women Reading the Quran Increased interest among Muslims individuals and organizations in reading translation and interpretation of Quranic verses going to talk about well known women in North America mostly scholars that you will come across in Western feminist literature about Muslim women In many Muslim societies traditional groups of scholars and religious leaders mostly male use the Quran to justify practices that are considered restrictive for women In contrast Muslim womens groups read the Quran in order to evaluate and challenge the traditionally given interpretationsThus they use the Quran to increase womens rights and enhance the rights of women in modern societiesWebsites of Muslims
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