Week 11 - Gendered Islam and Modernity in the National Space

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3 Apr 2012
Monday March 26th, 2012
Week 11
Gendered Islam and Modernity in the National Space
-Barlas said many interpretations if Islam that has been done where by a lot of mostly male scholars
-she took many verses and tried to understand them from her point of view
-she felt there is nothing in the Quran that gives men higher status than women
Is Islam compatible with Modernity?
-Wafasul tan, this woman has an extreme view that suggests Islam and modernity are never compatible
-comes from the class of civilization
Clash of Civilizations:
-Samuel Huntington: Political Scientist
Huntington’s main thesis: the war between communism and capitalism was a war of ideology
when it ended everyone said western liberalism has trampled
But, for the next century Huntington said there will be a clash of cultures
What people took away is the major clash between Islamic civilization and the western
-“The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, New York, Simon & Schuster, 1996
It is an important text that many highly educated people seem to believe in this thesis
-Nations will increasingly be divided along cultural factors (religions, values, ethnicities, and historical
memories) rather than political ideologies. Wars will be fought between major civilizations. Muslims and
Main themes/concepts:
-what’s happening in Egypt after the Arab Spring?
Sense of revolution mostly led by young people in Egypt, Unisia, Algeria etc that were against
the dictor-ship moves for democracy
-why do you think we don’t see much of it in the media these days?
In Egypt the west is cautious now about the Arab Spring, especially in Egypt because they
thought they would be a western style democracy, so now in Egypt there is an Islamic party
within those Islamists there are different groups. In order to understand Muslim Brotherhood
the Jamaat e- Islam’s similar to the Muslim
-Islam versus Modernity
To many people modern is whatever the western is doing
Some post modern scholars have argued we shouldn’t use this word modern anywhere, we talk
at modern and not modern especially in relation to Islam, people focus on things like dress
But social political scientist have tried to understand what is modern
-Islamic Modernism
-Islamic Feminism
-Pakistan: Feminism versus Islamism
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